Dileep who rescued Bahadurka from lions


Director Vinod Guruvayoor commemorates the 10th death anniversary of immortal actor Bahadur. This is a post by Vinod sharing the experience he had on the set of Lohithadas. Bahadur was last seen in this film.

Read Vinod Guruvayur’s note:

Location of the movie ‘Joker’ ….. The wheel-lion tucked under a tent. Dileep is co-starring Bahadurka in a chain. We with Lohizar with the camera behind the tent. He takes the scene asking Dileep if he is my number.

Suddenly we noticed smoke rising above the tent. The tent burns within seconds. We can’t get there because of fire or smoke. We were terrified of not knowing how to rescue a chained Bahadurka in the lion’s chamber.

Dilip’s timely disregard of fire and heat, his chains looming and his exit to Bahurdarka is still a frightening memory in his mind. Bahadurka laughed and told us that he was not my number in front of the creature. Today is the day of the Bahadurka …….. ”

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