Dhoni’s successor is Ryan Parag. Says Uthappa


Rajasthan star Ryan Parag and Dhoni have a close relationship. When he first met Dhoni, he was only three years old. Not only that, but his father Das was ousted by stumping in a domestic match. Robin Uthappa calls Dhoni’s son Parag, Das’s son.

Parag and panth

The ball was initially decided to replace Dhoni, but he was unable to shine. Kel Rahul extended his arms and took the opportunity. India’s wicket-keeping questions have been answered to some extent.

Dhoni’s successor is Parag.

Riyan Parag

Robin Uthappa says the next Dhoni is Ryan Parag. In the 2019 IPL, Paraguay played a huge role for Rajasthan Royals. He has scored 160 runs in 7 matches.

Ryan Parragh’s batting impressed me greatly. If he is well-groomed, Ryan will have a long way to bat for India. India will also get an answer in Ryan Parag in the next Dhoni, Uttappa said.

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