Dhoni’s ability behind the wicket is another; Raina with revelation


MUMBAI: No one has to say that MS Dhoni’s brilliance behind the wicket. Dhoni has been instructing the fielders even if the captain is Virat Kohli. Dhoni is also good at calling reviews. “Suresh Raina is right,” Dhoni said.

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Raina says Dhoni has a special ability to understand the course of the match. “We played a lot of matches together with Dhoni. From behind the stumps, Dhoni has a special ability to understand play. Playing with Dhoni could make him a better man than a good cricketer.

His decisions are unpredictable. He was placed in top order during the 2015 World Cup against Pakistan. He did not dare to bat at number five. He was eating a sandwich while watching the match. Suddenly I was asked to come down to bat.

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Later, when I asked him about it, I was told that I could play against leg spin. “Sometimes Dhoni’s quick decisions win the game.”

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