Dhoni was watching me, not captaining; Coli with disclosure


Mumbai: Virat Kohli has been the captain of the Indian Test team since 2014. In 2017, Kohli took over as captain of the prestigious Over Cricket team. Kohli was given the opportunity when MS Dhoni resigned. While Kohli has not won any of the ICC crowns, India have achieved many successes.

Kohli said it was former captain Dhoni who helped him to become a captain. Kohli was speaking to Indian Test player R Ashwin on an Instagram live chat. As the star says, ” Dhoni didn’t suddenly tell me to captain. He had been watching me for a long time. Dhani’s confidence and his suggestions made him a great captain. He was always communicating with me, ” Coley said.

Dhoni has won three ICC titles including two World Cups and a Champions Trophy. Dhoni, who has been an active part of the Indian team since his captaincy, has not played for India since the World Cup.

Kohli is currently based in Mumbai. Kohli and Rohit are still in Mumbai, though the young players of the Indian cricket team have started practicing. The BCCI has suggested that there should be a strong case of Mumbai-based violence.

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