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MUMBAI: Former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has played a huge role in making him the best captain and batsman, Virat Kohli has said. R. In a live chat show with Ashwin, it was revealed that Kohli owes much to his development as captain.

The courage given by Dhoni

Dhoni wasn’t asking me to captain him anytime soon. He watched me a lot. He would always communicate with me. The confidence and suggestions he gave me enabled me to lead Team India at the forefront. It was Dhoni who gave me the courage to take the captaincy after him.

Dhoni clashed, collided

Dhoni did not like the fact that I collided with Rohit when he tried to block a single during the 2012 Asia Cup against Pakistan. He was outraged by Pakistan’s three-run home run. Dhoni responded by saying how all these collisions took place and all three runs went away. Remember that you (Bali) bowled? I was fielding in the deep mid-wicket and Rohit’s deep square leg. Rohit and I collided with Omar Akmal when he ran to grab the ball. Part of my head was hitting Rohit’s shoulder. There were no major injuries but for a while there was no sense of space. Pakistani players took advantage of this opportunity to score three runs. We were bowled by Irfan Pathan. Pakistan scored an impressive 329 runs.

Don’t know what’s going on

Kovid’s background has no bearing on what’s going on in cricket or what’s going on. Even during training you may need to take care of yourself. After a while, you may need to keep your hands away from your friends. It is difficult, but we have to follow it all.

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