Dhoni didn’t like it for 3 runs in his attempt to block a single: Kohli | Dhoni on Kohli


Indian skipper Virat Kohli described the incident when he and Rohit Sharma collided while trying to block a single during a match against Mumbai Indians. Kohli recalled the incident in an Instagram live chat with Ravichandran Ashwin. Kohli and Rohit’s efforts to block the single during the 2012 Asia Cup gave Pakistan a three-run lead. Pakistan scored a huge score on the day but Kohli was the most successful ODI batsman in one day.

It was a fun event. But Dhoni did not like it. I remember Pakistan batting first and then scoring 329 runs. They were able to put together some great combinations early in the innings. It was during this time that I and Rohit got together in an attempt to block a single. Kohli described Pakistan’s three-run partnership – which ended with a single – off.

I remember when I and Rohit collided, I lost the ball to Irfan Pathan. By then, Pakistan had run out three runs. Dhoni responded in a disgusting manner when the ball came into his hands, causing the players to give up three runs. I remember you were bowling (Ashwin) that day. Umar Akmal also batted. I remember the number of coli – fielded by deep mid-wicket and Rohit deep square leg.

I was about to grab the ball as soon as Umar Akmal hit it. At the same time, Rohit also ran for the ball. One side of my head hit Rohit’s shoulder. Though not much, I lost consciousness for five minutes. Not knowing what had happened, I looked around and said – Callie.

At the same time, India won the match with the help of Kohli and Rohit. India achieved the target of 329 runs with Virat Kohli’s century and Rohit Sharma’s half century. Kohli scored 183 off 148 balls and Rohit scored 68 off 83 balls. Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed for 52 in the last innings of the day.

Their bowling rate was excellent. It was the bowling action that created the team and the headquarters. Hafeez was accompanied by Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul and Isaac Cheema. Pakistan dominated the first 20–25 overs. But with the support of Tendulkar, Kohli said I could play a good innings.

English Summary: When MS Dhoni was miffed with Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma in fielding error in 2012 Asia Cup match vs Pakistan

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