Deyan Nedelchev – Ikebana dedicated a song to Boyko Borisov: “I have a wonderful country”


Acting as Ikebana singer Deyan Nedelchev rose with a new music video. The song, entitled “I have a wonderful country”, is dedicated to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, writes

It is in the typical style of Deyan, with claims to be a hit of the summer. The text of the song was written by Valeri Stanev, music and arrangement – Deyan Nedelchev and Zdravko Mladenov.

The video was created by Cool Art Image directed by Danny L from the hip-hop group Party Warriors.

“I have a wonderful country” can be viewed on video sharing platforms on the Internet and so far has enjoyed positive reviews.

Borissov is not the first political leader to sing Ikebana. Two years ago, Deyan Nedelchev dedicated a song to Cornelia Ninova.

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