Deyan Donkov commented on Radina’s breasts


Recently, the rumor has been circulating in the media that the actress Radina Kardzhilova is waiting for a second heir from her colleague and life partner Deyan Donkov.

The actor with a violent temper decided to clarify the case and tell the truth. At the same time, he made scandalous revelations about the breasts of his beloved, and what was said left their fans speechless.

To dispel rumors of a pregnancy, Deyan snapped Radina in a swimsuit to prove how flat her belly was. “She is not pregnant yet,” Donkov said.

The photo triggered a lot of negative comments about Radina’s lack of breasts. This made Donkov very angry, who decided to defend his beloved at the cost of everything.

Photo: Instagram

“These breasts (tits is not a word) have fed our son for 1 year. This is their sacred purpose. And in this line of thought, everything else is vanity. Vanity deals only with packaging. Packaging is a lie. A lie. is for the fool. And you are the fool “, Donkov replied to the next hateful comment under the photo of Kardzhilova.


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