Deepthi janarddhan birthday: Neeraj Madhav wins birthday poem on wife’s birthday – actor neeraj madhav writes a poem on his wife deepthi janarddhan’s birthday goes viral


Actor Neeraj Madhav’s birthday party has gone viral on social media. On the occasion of Deepti’s birthday, Neeraj was gifted a poem. Neeraj has sung the poems in Malayalam and English in the video. The poem contains many meaningful lyrics. The poem has now gone viral following the Jungle Speaks rap that Neeraj and his brother Naveenath have made in the past few days.

Neeraj and Deepthi

Neeraj and Deepthi got married in 2018. Neeraj made his film debut with ‘Buddy Model’. Afterwards, Drisha, 1983, attracted attention through films such as Apothikiri, Saptamashree Thaskara, A Vadakkun Selfie, Pippin Sattu Love, Lavakusha, Gautam’s Chariot and many more.

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Neeraj was recently cast in the Amazon Prime Series, Familyman. Neeraj’s performance was noted in this regard. The main cast of the series was Manoj Bajpay and Priyamani.

Watch the video of the poem shared by Neeraj

Have you seen the crescent moon?

Neeraj is also a family man. Neeraj occasionally shares pictures with his family. “Have you seen the moon moon at dawn? Neeraj Insta poems on the birthday of his wife Deepti.

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Always be with you

The poem itself says that it is always with the poem, which says that it will wait till the sun rises and the sun shines. To make sure that you are not alone, to ensure that there is always light, to spread the mystery of hope in your ears,

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