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Saudi Arabia claims 13 more deaths due to coronavirus The number of deaths in Saudi Arabia is the first such death in a single day. With this the death toll rose to 364. An additional 2,642 people were confirmed with the virus. Meanwhile, a five-day full-time curfew in Saudi began Friday evening.

There have been 67,719 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia so far. Of these, 39,003 were sick. 2,963 people got sick on Friday. 28,352 were treated. Of these, 302 are in critical condition. On Friday, a total of 15,899 people underwent a Covid test. So far, 6,67,057 people have been examined, the ministry said.

The Interior Ministry has warned that those who violate the 24-hour curfew, which runs until Wednesday 27, will be severely dealt with. Violation of the curfew is a fine of up to RM10,000. If more than five people get together, each person will be fined R5,000. Everywhere in the country is under the security forces. Firms that were previously exempted from curfew can comply with previous standards. Restaurants can offer parcels from 6 am to 10 pm. For emergency purposes, you can get a pass through the home app. Releasing without a pass or opening a shop will be punished, the Home Ministry said.

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