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The Kovid pandemic was sparked when Donald Trump launched a trade war that began with the destruction of China. Trump and his group are trying to hunt down China, with death toll at 1 million in the United States, the world’s highest number of CVD cases.

Trump has ignored warnings from China and the World Health Organization for two months, repeatedly claiming that Kovid is a trivial event and is trying to blame China for his death in the US.

Covid’s death toll rises to 1 million in US No wonder the death toll has doubled since the end of the pestilence. In China, the death toll is less than five thousand.

President Donald Trump has decided to remove regulations in the United States by ignoring doctors’ directives. Trump is threatening scientists who oppose it. Trump has already dismissed two studies that suggested he should not overturn the restrictions.

According to a study by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, a 61% risk of infection and 55% of deaths (about 36,000) could have been avoided if a social intervention was implemented in the US a week ago. Trump’s response, however, was that the study was “without definitive proof” and that it was politically motivated.

The government health center has ordered the use of the malaria medication hydroxy chloroquine following the death toll in patients. But Trump and his ranks are still repeating that these pills are a magic potion to covidate. In the United States, where the number of people affected by Covid is close to 53 lakh, the number of infected people in the United States is about sixteen million. In the United States, 1283 people died and 97637 died. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that South America will become the next epidemic of the virus. Some doubtful details have emerged as to whether it originated in China.

China has called for an investigation into reports of the disease in the US in October and France in December. However, when it was discovered in China, the local authorities in Wuhan were not able to understand the seriousness of the virus or the seriousness of it. This is a mistake that can happen naturally in an unexpected situation. But since it was identified as a new type of coronavirus, China has taken stringent measures to curb it.

But many other countries, including the United States, have been indifferent to the belief that this will only affect China, as the US has not received the benefit of China’s time. China rejoiced that it would be done away with. Celebrations and grandeur continued. But when Kovid caused the death toll in the United States, Trump quickly changed his stance after losing the election in November. Trump has launched a planned campaign against China.

Trump and Trump’s claim that the virus was created in China’s lab is being repeated by the scientific world. Trump still believes that if people repeat the green truth a hundred times, they will believe the truth.

President Donald Trump has called a three-day mourning in the United States for the dead of Kovid. The flag should be hoisted at all government institutions and national monuments. The action was taken at the request of Democratic Party leaders.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said the restrictions would be relaxed by the end of the month in Washington, the capital city. The three-phase exemption will be implemented from June 29. Restrictions may be extended if the patient is overweight

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