Death of Uthra; The family of her husband Sooraj, in the shadow of doubt, will investigate the role


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The family of her husband Sooraj’s Pathanamthitta Parakkotte is in shadow of suspicion over the death of Uthra. The family had earlier denied the allegations, including the delay in getting him to the hospital when he was bitten. But the crime branch could also investigate allegations that the family was involved. The first attempt was made to kill Utra at her husband’s house. The first snake bite occurred on March 2 at 8 pm.

Sooraj’s family claims that he was bitten when he went into the courtyard to clean the baby’s body. The snake had earlier been bitten in the room. The hospital said they were bitten by a viper. The snake was bitten at eight o’clock and was rushed to the hospital just after 1 am. It is a mystery to repeat that there is no pain when a viper is bitten.

There is no satisfactory answer as to why the snake bite has been delayed to the hospital, despite the availability of vehicles. Residents say there were snakes in the field and that the man had come home to catch the snake. After being bitten by a viper, treatment was delayed but miraculously returned to life.

He was treated at Adoor and Thiruvalla hospitals. While repeatedly stating that Uthra and Sooraj had no problems, her parents have complained against her husband and her sister. It also strengthens doubts. On February 29, Utra had informed the householders that there was a snake near the upper room of the house and Sooraj had taken them by hand. Later, the family came to the conclusion that the murder was based on what Uthra had said.

The parents of the accused have said that if Suraj is found guilty he will be punished. As a bank employee, Suraj has many friends. The investigating team has said that Suraj killed his wife for dowry and money and for another life.

The Crime Branch will also look into whether domestic violence was involved or whether family members were involved in the murder. Sooraj will fly home for evidence and the snake will be handed over to me in the coming days. The baby of Sooraj and Uthra are at their flyer home.

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