Death and an accident in the locker room took the fear of the Chelsea midfielder


Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Cante is known for his exceptional ability to work and for many it may be strange that now this fearless player on the field refuses to take part in the playoffs.

The French national is afraid of the coronavirus mainly because of two unpleasant incidents from two years ago, claims the Daily Mail. In March 2018, he fainted in the locker room based on the “blues”, but his examinations did not reveal any reason. It was then explained that he was cold. On the eve of the World Cup in Russia, N’Golo’s brother died of a heart attack. For these reasons, Kante, now 29, fears a pandemic.

Chelsea supports his decision and therefore is unlikely to ask him to resume training soon.

Watford captain Troy Dean is the other famous Premier League player who has no intention of playing. The attacker admitted that his 5-month-old son has breathing problems and therefore does not want to take risks.

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