dead body freezer: Grandmother’s body stored in freezer for 16 years; Knowing the reason, the police were shocked! – A woman who kept her grandmother’s body hidden in a freezer for 16 years


Grandmother’s granddaughter’s granddaughter held for 16 years in a freezer The incident occurred in Pennsylvania, USA. Police arrested 61-year-old Cynthia Black in connection with the case. Police found the incident in February 2019. The case report has just been completed. Glenora Records, born May 3, 1906, is the deceased. She died in 2004 at the age of 98. But the grandmother had spent the last 16 years collecting money from her grandmother’s social security plan. The corpse was kept in a cellar underneath the house and stored in the freezer so as to avoid this income.

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The body was first kept in her home in Ardmore. It was later moved to Dilsburg’s home in 2007. The body was shifted from one house to another. Cynthia was going through a major financial crisis. The proceeds from the Social Security Scheme were used for loan repayments and more.

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Eventually, they had to sell the house to someone else. The body was found in the cellar of the house by the new homeowners.

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