De Backer (Open Vld) spends 1 million euros on consultants, promises corona app “within a few weeks”


More than two months after she was announced, a corona app is now coming to help with tracking and tracing the virus. That says minister Philippe De Backer (Open Vld). The app’s project experienced a political agony, which prevented the tangle of Belgian powers. De Backer has already spent over 1 million euros on external consultants who supervise his cabinet.

In the news: The result of the Open Vld Presidential election is known today at noon.

The details: Today the curtain may already fall on the chairmanship of Gwendolyn Rutten (Open Vld).

The big picture: The whole of the Wetstraat holds its breath and keeps an eye on Melsensstraat 34 this afternoon.

Hard numbers: With the crisis, expensive consultants have also settled on Wetstraat to assist the government.

Striking plot twist in the Wetstraat: Whoever thought that a corona app to track and trace was dead and buried is mistaken.

The essence: Contact tracing should become the key to the fight against COVID-19. But that is not going well.

Where did it go wrong? The app’s story reads like a painful waste of time and money.

Typical “Belgian” states: Who is actually in charge?

To follow: GEES experts meet with education ministers and unions to make decisions on education and youth.

Noted: MR-chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez clashes fiercely with journalists’ union about RTBF journalist who changed riots in Anderlecht.

8AM Wetstraat Insider

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