Dada’s Heroism Again on the Balcony; Not this time, but at Lord’s


Kolkata: Sourav Ganguly’s heroism from the balcony is yet to be revealed. The same gallery, which was crowned Kapil’s world title in 1983, witnessed Dada’s jersey celebration 19 years later. The celebration later became a memorable moment in the history of cricket.

If that celebration was to be held after the 2002 NatWest Trophy final was defeated in England, Ganguly would reappear 18 years later on the balcony. This time not on the balcony of his home in Kolkata.

When Umpun cyclone hit Bengal, it hit Ganguly’s home in Behala, Kolkata. Dada and his team were trying to raise and restore Mau. He even shared the picture on his Twitter handle.

After sharing the picture of trying to raise flour on the balcony, many fans have pointed out that the relationship between Ganguly and Balcony is the same. Many likened the film to the celebration of Dada with the jersey torn jersey on the balcony of the Lord’s.

Meanwhile, the Umpun cyclone has wreaked havoc in Bengal and Odisha. Umpun moved to Bengal after hours of embarrassment, destroying homes, and destroying Odisha.

Nearly five lakh people have been evacuated to relief camps in West Bengal and another 100,000 in Odisha, according to the National Disaster Response Force. In Bengal, 72 people have died.

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