Current best Test XI; Kohli to be eliminated Strange fans


NIf you take the best batsmen of Love Test cricket, wouldn’t Indian skipper Virat Kohli be at the forefront? But according to former Australian spin bowler Brad Hogg, things are not so. Kohli was not included in The Hague XI when he was selected as the best XI in current Test cricket.

In his Test XI, Hogg captained Babar Azam. Hogg points to the Century for Assam in Brisbane. It will be difficult for foreign batsmen to bat in Brisbane. But for Babar Assam to overcome it, Hogg said.

In the last 15 Test innings, Kohli has not scored more than 30 runs in four innings. That’s why Kohli was not included in my XI.

Hoag’s current best Test XI: Mayank Agarwal, Rohit Sharma, Lampushain, Steve Smith, Babar Assam, Ajankya Rahane, De Kock, Cummins, Mohammed Shami, Neil Wegner, Leon …

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