CSKA takes over 1 million euros for Jefferson


Jefferson has been used in various positions at CSKA, including as a midfielder and central defender, but also not convincing.

However, the 26-year-old Brazilian is still popular in his homeland and abroad, as he had the privilege of being part of the Brazilian national team to participate in the Copa America.

CSKA is negotiating with two players

“The club has no income in the conditions of the coronavirus crisis, as the support comes entirely from Mr. Ganchev and Mr. Indzhov”

The price of Jefferson is a little over 1 million euros, and CSKA hopes for a decent profit from the South American, Meridian Match writes.

He will be replaced by Angel Lyaskov, who is currently playing on loan in Botev (Vratsa).

The left-back, who has also reached the national team, must sign a new contract with the Reds and be Maziku’s reserve, which will continue to be imposed.

CSKA will offer a new contract to Angel Lyaskov

CSKA will offer a new contract to Angel Lyaskov

The situation is expected to develop

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