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The sports director of CSKA Stoycho Stoilov said in an interview with bTV that legal measures have been taken against CSKA 1948 for their use of the emblem and the abbreviation, which is illegal.

“I was surprised by some decisions of the Bulgarian Football Union. First League plays, Second League does not play. Why not play the matches of the Second League? Why did the BFU make such decisions? Many wrong decisions were made in violation of football fair play and the game of football itself. September are right in their demands. Sports fair play must be observed. The football union ignored the instructions from UEFA “, Stoilov shared.

“CSKA 1948 entered the Second League illegally, now it enters the First League illegally. I don’t see the fair way they are going. Certainly not the right way. It’s funny what they’re launching. They have a phaeton of people as fans. I guess at our matches you see how many fans come. The stadiums were filled at the matches of the European tournaments and against Levski “, he added.

“Who CSKA is, it is clear. They use an abbreviation that is reserved by our club. They are not entitled to this abbreviation. It is illegal for all media and the Bulgarian Football Union to write CSKA in this way. ”

“As far as I know, measures have been taken. Judicial measures have been taken to prevent them from using the emblem and abbreviation. In Bulgaria, obviously, anything is possible. ”

“I know that it is not easy for the people in Levski. We experienced this. I personally want there to always be a derby between Levski and CSKA in the First League. Without this match, the First League will not be as interesting as it was without CSKA for a year. There are laws that must be obeyed. “If CSKA has gone through this catharsis, why shouldn’t Levski go through,” Stoilov concluded.

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