Cricket Resumption for ICC issues guidelines | The ICC has issued guidelines on the resumption of cricket



The players must resume training in four stages. It is necessary to move from one point to the next only after complying with the regulations of the respective government. Personal training is the first step. England have already started this with bowlers.

The second stage is training to turn into small groups. Only less than three players can be in a group. When practicing, celebrities must pay attention to social distance. In the third stage, the larger group can be trained. Less than ten people, including a coach, were in the group. In the fourth stage, everyone in the team can work together to bridge social distance.


Bowlers have special guidelines, as they are more likely to get injured and subsequently quit if they are not careful. In view of his injuries, the Cricket Board has recommended that a large contingent be selected.

The length of the bowler’s training varies according to each format. Bowlers should be given at least five to six weeks’ training time. The last three weeks will be training with the intensity of bowling in a real match. This is for a return to T20.

Six days is the shortest time for a bowler to prepare for an ODI. The test takes eight to 12 weeks.


The ICC has suggested that there should be no cheering in the playing field. This is because it allows the players to get closer and get in touch. If a player shows symptoms of Kovid-19 in a match, all participants must be tested and remain in isolation for a specified period of time.

The ICC points out that support staff and match officials are more likely to contract the virus than celebrities. Because they are elderly and have diabetes, immunodeficiency, cardiovascular problems, and kidney problems, they are at increased risk of contracting the virus.