Cricket is not old cricket anymore; ICC with guidance on Covid defense


When cricket returns after the coronation period, everything will never be the same again. The ICC has issued guidelines for the launch of cricket to combat corona. These were prepared by the Medical Advisory Committee of the ICC. One of the main proposals is to conduct a 14 day contact ban training camp. In addition, teams must appoint medical officers. The players and others who are part of the team will undergo a number of tests, including Covid-19.

The ICC has released guidelines that all teams must follow after the England team began their individual training session yesterday. The ICC also called on the cricketers to provide their cricket boards with safe havens. The stars should always be kept at least 1.5 meters apart. The bat, pad, and gloves used by the player must be disinfected. However, the ICC did not specify when to start international matches in the world. Each country can come up with its own security standards by following these guidelines.

The ICC said that the guidelines should be given priority to the instructions of local and central governments in each country. The medical team must be present at the stadium after each match. The ICC believes that the virus is most likely to transmit the virus. Therefore, the ICC has issued guidance on the safety precautions that players must follow when dealing with the ball. Everyone on the ground needs to be careful to maintain social distance during play. Athletes should not hand over their own items like caps, balls, etc. to the umpires.

ENGLISH SUMMARY: Covid defense on guidance with icc
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