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NEW DELHI: Bookmaker Sanjeev Chawla has been arrested for allegedly betting on cricket matches. Sanjiv Chawla made a shocking revelation to a national media outlet. Chawla is one of the main accused in the ongoing fixing case involving the late South African captain Hansi Kronya. Gambling betting on the cricket world took place in the 2000s.

The UK-based Chawla has been in hiding for 20 years. He was brought to India in February this year. The investigation into the case is currently in progress. Chawla has revealed to investigators that he has led a number of fixing matches in cricket.

Not even a match in cricket is clean. All cricket matches are pre-directed like a movie. There is a huge underworld mafia behind it. It is this mafia that controls everything in cricket. -Chaula personified. Chawla told the investigating officer that his life was in danger in connection with the case.

However, Chawla refused to divulge information about the underworld mafia that controls him. He claimed that doing so would endanger his life. Chawla’s fixing team approached them when the South African team toured India. The shocking details of the fixing have come to light as police seized the records of a telephone conversation between betting agent and Cronya.

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