Crew Dragon capsule at space station; SpaceX | Mission as Success Sapce X


Cape Canaveral (US) ുമായി SpaceX’s spacecraft with NASA’s two astronauts arrives at the International Space Station. Crew dragon capsule spacecraft arrived at the Kennedy Space Center local time on Sunday at 10.16am. SpaceX officially confirmed this on Twitter. She said the mission was a success.

The launch of the SpaceX spacecraft, a milestone in American space history, was successful in its second attempt. The successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket took place at 3.22pm local time at the Kennedy Space Center.

NASA’s Doug Hurley and Bob Beckmann flew from US soil to the International Space Station in a private company spacecraft. President Donald Trump has come to witness the golden moment of sending astronauts out of the US after a gap of nine years.

English summary: SpaceX Craft with NASA Astronauts Docks International Space Station

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