Create a device that eliminates the transmission of the Coronavirus by cash in 3 seconds


The Galileo Galilei Institute, Italy, has announced the invention of a device that can eradicate Corona virus transmitted through banknotes.

The device was invented by student of the Galileo Institute who is passionate about technology and scientific research, Gurel Yunot Bohutich, as it is a money laundering machine.

                    AFP 2020 / Tiziana Fabi

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Previous studies have shown that Covid-19 disease can be transmitted through coins as it has a great ability to remain on smooth surfaces, including paper as well.

The euro is the official currency in Europe and is printed on paper and then added to it a watermark and metal paper, according to the Italian agency “Aki”.

Since money is one of the main means of transmission, because it is transmitted in the hands of everyone, so the device is considered a safe way to get rid of the risk of transmission of the emerging Coruma virus.

The device can be operated by placing the banknote on the moving part of the machine, which is pushed into the device, where the lamps produce a wavelength of 185 nm, the ozone that kills any kind of pathogen. “

And within 3 seconds, the moving part can be pulled out so that you can use the money completely safely.

The device is still under design, and has not yet been done because of the shutdown condition. The project was chosen by the (Make Usa) science fair, which will be virtual this year due to the emergency resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Globally, the outbreaks of the emerging corona virus exceeded 6 million and 130 thousand, while the deaths reached 371 thousand cases.

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