Crash in NOVA after “Drops”! What’s going on with Halvadjian


Fiki Storaro is the winner of the eighth season of the show “Like Two Drops of Water”, which ended last week. The majority of spectators were sincerely happy with the victory of Fikret, who showed not only talent, but also a number of human qualities such as upbringing, finesse, culture and modesty.

However, there were many who jumped indignantly on the page of the show. Consumers are adamant that Fiki should have stayed at least in third place, and the real winner is Magi Dzhanavarova.

Some even suspected fraud and settlement of “ours” and “yours” due to the intervention of Tony Storaro, writes.

“He deserved the first place! But the girl does not have a rich father and accordingly remained second!

“Well, it was obvious from the first episode. Magardich was reverent before Fikret – no matter how polite he was, no matter how responsible, no matter how good, but talented…. малиииииии “.

“He had to win, but everyone knew in advance who would be the winner!”

“It’s better that she didn’t win Maggie, because they would accuse her of giving her the prize, thanks to Dimitar Marinov!”

“Maggie was my favorite, but Fiki also deserved it! Everyone is a winner for me! ”

“Maggie took them to the final. Fiki tried to have voice options, but not for a finalist. It was visible for third place.

“I’m sorry, Maggie! You didn’t have Dad pulling the strings all season. I love you, girl! ”, They do not stop commenting so far on the social network.

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