Crash in 7/8 TV! Slavi is collapsing, is this the end of him?


Slavi Trifonov has started saving from TV shows. The first show to fall under the knife was Actors’ Night.

It was also the first thing the team stopped working on after the state of emergency was declared in mid-March. The break was supposed to be temporary, but it turned out to be permanent – the publication commented.

Slavi Trifonov himself announced a few days ago on the television he created that “Actors’ Evening” has been removed from the program. The show was too expensive because, in addition to Krasi Radkov, Ivo Siromahov and Marian Bachev, there were also supporting, lesser-known actors who also took fees, although they contributed almost nothing to the show’s rating, Weekend writes. .

In addition, guest stars such as Crisco, Fiki and Tony Storaro, Jana Bergendorf and others took part in each edition, which also requires additional payment.

Instead of continuing with this grief, Long made the wise decision to part with the show. The last show was broadcast on March 16. Then, in its place on Monday night, reruns began to take place, and now they are dropped from the program. In its place comes the journalistic show “Studio Hu”. Shkumbata will soon make his own TV show on Trifonov, writes.

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