Covid settles for wife and husband in Kochi Pregnant; The other two were 41-year-olds


Kochi: Kovid today confirmed four people in Ernakulam district. The 29-year-old pregnant woman and her 34-year-old husband from Ernakulam who were aboard the Riyadh-Karripur flight on May 19 were the two people diagnosed with the disease. They were under surveillance at a house in Ernakulam. Samples were then taken to the Kalamassery Medical College for diagnosis.

The other person is a 44-year-old man from Ernakulam, who arrived in Kochi on May 7 from Abu Dhabi-Kochi. After coming to Kochi he was under institutional supervision. The sample was tested on May 20 following a physical injury. He was later transferred to Kalamassery Medical College.

The 41-year-old resident of Ernakulam who was aboard the Kuwait flight on May 19 was the fourth person diagnosed with the disease today. After coming to Kannur with two children and a close relative from Kuwait for cardiovascular treatment, he was returning to the district in a special ambulance. The diagnosis of the disease was confirmed on May 22 by a surgical examination of the heart, which was under observation at home. He was transferred to the Medical College. The two children who were with him and the next of kin continue to monitor the home. Their samples were also collected for inspection.

A total of 589 new homes were inspected today. At the end of the probation period, 395 people were excluded from the watch list. With this, the total number of people in the district has reached 6750. Of these, 136 are in the high-risk sector and 6614 in the low-risk category. Six people were taken to hospital for observation.
A man who was under surveillance at a private hospital has been discharged today.

The total number of supervision at various hospitals in the district is 66. The number of people diagnosed with CVD in hospitals is 13.

State / District wise estimates of people diagnosed and treated.

Ernakulam – 8
Palakkad 2
Kollam – 1
Uttar Pradesh 1
Thrissur 1

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