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 Data on Covid patients in the state are currently being used in the U.S. The government told the High Court that it was not handing over the company to Sprinkler. The affidavit filed in the High Court states that all of them are under the control of the C-DIT and that the sprinkler has no part in the investigation.

Sprinkler’s service is only technical support, such as software upgrade. They do not provide information about patients. Information is out of control on C-DIT in the Amazon Cloud. Amazon is in agreement with Cloud, the affidavit states.

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala and BJP leaders State President K The government also demanded that Surendran’s plea be rejected.

The clarification in the petitions questioned the transfer of information about Covid patients to the sprinkler. The interim order of the High Court is that the information should be forwarded to the sprinkler or someone else to ensure that the patients cannot be identified.

A letter has been sent to the Department of Electronics and Information Technology and the National Informatics Center to develop the software. The affidavit states that although letters were later issued to remind him of this, there was no positive response.

Covid patients’ database:

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