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Washington: Brazil has the second highest number of HIV cases in the world, surpassing Russia. The daily death toll exceeds 1000. Disease prevalence and death were highest in Sao Paulo. Total deaths 21,116. Patients 3,30,890. Russia has the third-highest number of deaths per day in the world, compared to other countries. But the epidemic is strong. Yesterday, 139 people died in the country. More than 9,000 people have been diagnosed with the disease. Total deaths 3,388. Patients 3,35,882.

ഇള Concessions in New York and France

Gov. Andrew Cuomo eases restrictions in New York Accordingly, 10 people can be accommodated with social distance. At least six feet must be kept. Moscow must have used a different face mask in public places. Meanwhile, the number of patients in the United States has crossed one million. 97,655 deaths.

Concessions have also been announced in France. People can come together for prayer. However, believers must keep a distance of one meter to pray in public places. Cleanliness is also important. There are strict restrictions for people to gather, even though they offer concessions for prayers.

മര Death toll in the world – 3.40 lakhs

53 53 lakh patients

21 21 Lakhs

മത Religious and Cultural Areas to Be Launched in Iran. Concessions to business sectors.

ലോ Lockdown extended in Peru.

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