Covid, one death, nine more in CRPF; Those who are infected with the paramilitary wing


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New Delhi: Covid also confirmed nine others in the CRPF, a paramilitary force. With this, the number of Covid casualties in the CRPF rose to 335. Of these, 121 are under treatment, the CRPF said.

Only one CRPF lost its life today. The death toll in the paramilitary forces has doubled. In the last 24 hours in another paramilitary force, the BSF, Covid has not been confirmed. 25 patients have been discharged from various hospitals in Delhi. Currently, a total of 274 patients have been discharged. “Only 87 people are receiving treatment in various hospitals,” BSF said.

Meanwhile, Kovid confirmed 571 more people in 24 hours in the country. This is the first time such cases are being reported in a single day. With this, the total number of Covid casualties in Delhi rose to 11,659. According to the Delhi government statistics, 194 people lost their lives due to the coronavirus.

Covid confirmed to more than 1,000 people in two consecutive days. On Wednesday, 534 people were diagnosed with coronavirus. But the rising number of cures is hopeful. More than 5500 people have been released from the hospital, according to statistics.

Covid has confirmed 1,12,359 people in the country so far. As many as 45300 people were discharged from the hospital while 3435 people lost their lives, according to government data.

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