Covid is just a dress rehearsal, a pestilence that takes half the world


New York: Researchers say the coronavirus currently spreading around the world is just a dress rehearsal. The American researcher, Dr. Kerr, said that this was only a precursor to the great pestilence that wiped out half the world’s population. Says Michael Gregor.

The Kovid-19 category is currently a pandemic of two or three categories. The mortality rate is less than 1%. But what comes next will be in Category Five. One of the two affected people will surely die.

Dr Michael Greger, Photo / dailymail

Many of today’s dominant civilizations will disappear. The pestilence that affects 800 million people worldwide is 100 times more dangerous than Covid’s. Michael Gregor says in his book How to Survive a Pandemic.

Disease is the cause of man’s violent interaction with animals. He says that taking care of animals and killing them weakens mankind’s resistance to pestilence.

Tuberculosis bacteria that causes tuberculosis is transmitted to humans from sheep. The virus that caused the smallpox virus came to humans from camels and leprosy. Likewise, the cause of the villain’s cough is bacteria that has passed from pigs to humans. Typhoid-borne chlorosis virus-infected viruses have come to humans from cattle and horses.

Many of these are not directly transmitted to man. Some species, like Covid, have served as the bridge between human and disease vectors.

Globalization has been instrumental in the spread of Kovid. It gave the virus a way to travel around the world. If the virus were to spread across the world, it would cost billions of dollars and millions of lives to keep the human race alive, ”he said. Says Michael Gregor.

He predicted that the next virus outbreak could be from chickens. He says that the chickens that grow in unhealthy conditions on the farms will get the virus.

chickenThe World Health Organization describes the spread of the influenza virus from pets, including chickens, as the biggest pandemic in human history. The virus, which spread from 1918-20, killed 50 million people. About one third of the world’s population was infected.

Bird flu has been reported frequently in the 20th century. Gregor says in his book that this is a transition effort to a new virus.

Dr is one of the advocates of vegetarianism. Michael Gregor. He has done a lot of research on infectious diseases. He says that people need to change their habits to prevent another pestilence.

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