covid incresing day by day in india | The Union Health Ministry has warned that the spread of Kovid in the country is critical


New Delhi: Covid spread in the country is taking a serious toll, the Union Health Ministry has said. The number of sufferers is expected to rise for the next two months. States and hospitals are also advised to be on high alert.

There is a suggestion to increase the number of ventilators in hospitals and to find the maximum number of beds for patients. 6654 people have been diagnosed with Covidia disease in the country yesterday. This is the highest increase in the number of people diagnosed with a single day. With this, the number of people infected by the disease has crossed 1.25 lakh.

In the last 24 hours, 137 people have died in the country. With this the total death toll was 3720. In four days more than a quarter of a million people in the country fell ill. Kovid confirmed a total of 2608 cases in Maharashtra.

The number of Covid sufferers is increasing all over the world. 54 lakh cases of HIV infection 3.43 lakh people died in the war. In the US, the situation is dire. 98,000 people died of the disease. The number of HIV-infected people in the US has crossed 16.6 million. The situation is even worse in Russia and Brazil. Covid has reached 3.3 million people.


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