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Sassoon Hospital in Pune has reported that Pune Eye Covid patient is recovering from plasma therapy. Sassoon Hospital said in a news release that the first convalescent plasma therapy was successful in the hospital and that the patient was given 200 mL of plasma on May 10th and 11th. The patient has been removed from the Covid ward after being negative. Sassoon Hospital officials said they will be discharged from the hospital soon.

Convulsant plasma therapy

Plasma extracted from the blood of those infected with the coronavirus and subsequently recovered, is given to patients with severe conditions. When the donor’s blood is passed through the plasmapheresis machine, the blood cells divide and get to the donor itself.

The plasma, which is a cell with no cells, is stored and stored in a refrigerated container. When the coronavirus is infected, the body produces voluntary antibodies to fight it. These types of B lymphocytes are present in the blood plasma.

As soon as a person gets infected with the virus, the antibodies are in the body to prevent the virus from spreading again. When their plasma is collected and delivered to another patient, the antibody in it is detected and prevented, preventing the patient from escalating to a more serious condition. It also prevents the virus from spreading to more body cells. Researchers say that two people get one dose from one person’s plasma.

English Summary: Plasma Therapy After COVID-19 Patient In Pune Recovers: Hospital

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