Covid confirmed to two other employees at home, Bonnie Kapoor | boney kapoor | jhanvi kapoor | khushi


Covid 19 results positive for two employees at home of Bollywood producer Bonnie Kapoor.

Earlier, Kovid had confirmed to an employee that Bonnie Kapoor was going to Quarantine with her sons Janwick and Khushi.

Bonnie Kapoor made the announcement via Janvi Kapoor’s Instagram. They said they had not left home since the lockdown began and they had no symptoms.

Kovid Roh Gum was first confirmed by an employee, Charan Sahu. Sources close to them said that all three had no visible skin symptoms

Content Highlights: Boney Kapoor’s 3 house help test positive for coronavirus Jhanvi Khushi Boney In Quarantine

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