covid 19 updates: Over 54 lakh Covid Patients Infected; WHO cites Latin America as the new epicenter – 19 million cases surges 54 lakh globally who says that the new epicentre of novel coronavirus


Washington: The Kovid-19 scare is not going away in the world. More than 54 lakh people are affected in 213 countries. More than 3.4 lakh people lost their lives. The European countries that have been devastated by the coronavirus are now on the road to relief. New cases continue to decline each day. The death toll has also dropped significantly. But in the United States, the situation is getting worse. Meanwhile, Latin America is becoming the new epicenter of the virus. The disease is now rampant in the United States, Russia and Brazil. The number of people getting cured all over the world is rising. More than 22.5 lakh people have so far been released from Kovid. There are over 53,000 people in the intensive care unit worldwide.

In America, the intensity is decreasing

In the last 24 hours, 1127 people have died of Kovid in the United States. The death toll in the US has been over 1,000 for more than two and a half months. By the end of April, the daily death toll had reached 4,000. But fewer than 1500 die in a single day for a few days. The number of newly diagnosed patients has also declined. Health experts estimate that the spread of the virus is on the decline. The total death toll was 98683. In March, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that more than 100,000 people would die in the country. The total number of cases has reached 16.67 lakh.

Brazil is rising rapidly

In Brazil, the number of people infected with Kovid is rising rapidly. Brazil ranks second in terms of casualties. Kovid has so far confirmed 347398 people. The death toll was 22013. In Europe and the United States, the prevalence of the disease was low, and Latin America, including Brazil, had fewer cases. But when the number of people with the virus began to increase, the numbers changed rapidly. Brazil jumped to second place in two weeks. There are 182799 people currently undergoing treatment in Brazil. 142587 people were sick.

Death and morbidity in Russia are low

In Russia too, new cases and deaths are on the rise. 335882 people were diagnosed with Rush Eye. But the death toll in Russia is low. The number of people who are sick is lower than in other countries. Russia has reported 3388 deaths so far. 107936 persons were recovered. There are 224558 people who have been diagnosed with Kovid. The United States alone has more active cases than Russia. There are more than 11 active cases in the United States that have infected more than 16 million people. Meanwhile, the number of serious cases in Russia is lower than in many other countries. Of the more than 250,000 patients undergoing treatment, only 2300 are in the intensive care unit.

WHO warned

World Health Organization (WHO) says Latin America is the new epicenter of the virus epidemic in Europe and America. The highest incidence of disease is in Central Latin America. There are over seven million people infected throughout Latin America. Three and a half million of these are in Brazil. The second is Peru. 115754 people were infected. There are more than 65,000 people infected in Mexico. Brazil has the highest number of deaths. More than 22,000 deaths were reported. Mexico is the second most populous city in the world. 7719 deaths were reported. More than 400 people die in Mexico every day. The total death toll in Peru is 3373.

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