COVID-19: Tamil Nadu with 21184 cases in second worst hit state


Chennai: Kovid-19 is progressing steadily in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, there are 938 confirmed cases of coronavirus. In Chennai alone, 616 cases were reported. Chennai has the highest number of confirmed cases of virus in Tamil Nadu.

With this the total number of Covid casualties in the state reached 21184. Meanwhile, 6 people have died due to the virus. With this the total death toll was 160.

Currently, Tamil Nadu is the second most populated city in the world. Maharashtra is far ahead with 62,228 cases of the virus. Tamil Nadu comes second followed by Delhi and Gujarat. In New Delhi, 17,386 people have been confirmed with the virus. Kovid also confirmed 15,934 people in Gujarat.

Meanwhile, India reported 265 deaths and 7,964 new cases in the past 24 hours. This is the first time such cases have been confirmed in a single day.

COVID-19 India is the ninth most affected country in the Asian …

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