covid 19 gulf: 13 killed in 24 hours in Saudi; Comfort cure rate – covid 19 cases in saudi arabia surges 13 death in 24 hours


Riyadh: Kovid-19 proliferation in Gulf countries continues Thousands of new cases are diagnosed every day. The death toll is also rising rapidly. Increasing numbers of people who get sick is also a relief. The concern is that a large proportion of the affected are migrants. Non-Residents including Malayalees who are inadequate to stay in Isolation are trying to return home anyway.

2963 cases in 24 hours

Saudi Arabia has the highest number of deaths and deaths in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia has the highest rate of cure. The Saudi health ministry said more than 2,000 people were diagnosed with the disease every day because of the widespread testing. In the past 24 hours, Kovid has confirmed 2642 people in Saudi Arabia. 2963 people were cured. 13 deaths were reported in a single day. The total number of deaths in Saudi Arabia rose to 67719. The death toll was 364. 39003 people have been diagnosed with the disease.

Kovid adds 164 people to Bahrain

Disease is on the rise in Bahrain. On Thursday, 164 new cases were confirmed. Of these, 94 are expatriates. 56 people got infected through contact. So far 8309 people have been diagnosed with the disease. Of these, 4004 were infected. A total of 3091 people are undergoing treatment.

Kovid for 233 expatriates in Oman

Kovid confirmed 424 people in Oman on Thursday. Of these, 233 are expatriates. With this the total number of patients has reached 6794. 32 people have died so far. There are 4931 patients currently undergoing treatment. Of the new cases, 285 are in Muscat. Kovid has affected 5173 people in Muscat alone. In Muscat 907 people got sick. Of the dead, 26 are in Muscat.

In the UAE, there are 946 more Kovid Mukhtars

In the UAE, the rate of covariates is on the rise and cure rates are on the rise. The UAE Health Ministry said on Thursday alone that 946 people had contracted the disease. 894 new cases have been confirmed. With this the total number of cases has risen to 26989. 12755 people have been cured so far. 237 people died. The Ministry of Health announced that the Kovid test will be extended further.

Kovid adds 319 Indians to Kuwait

Kovid confirmed 319 Indians in Kuwait on Thursday. 196 patients from Egypt and 111 from Bangladesh were diagnosed with the disease. A total of 139 Kuwaiti nationals have been diagnosed with the disease, the Ministry of Health said. Kovid has been confirmed to 19564 in Kuwait so far. 138 people died. 5515 people were sick.

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