Councilor Ivens: ‘Minister Ollongren has given in to the investor’


Councilor Laurens Ivens (Bouwen en Wonen) finds it incomprehensible that rents can still be raised significantly if a change of residents takes place.

‘You can see that there are a lot of rental properties, about 50,000 in Amsterdam, that are rented for an average of around 600 euros per month. But if a new tenant moves in, the rent will go to 1500 euros in one go, ‘Ivens tells the TV program EenVandaag.

Minister Kajsa Ollongren previously researched possibilities to counter such an increase in rent, but she tells EenVandaag that this is ‘very difficult’. ‘Because there is a degree of freedom in concluding a contract. This applies to both parties, the landlord and the tenant. We also want there to still be investors providing additional housing. ‘

Professional investors would have threatened to cancel major construction projects against Ollongren if they were not allowed to determine the rental price themselves. According to Ivens, Ollongren has ‘yielded to the investor’. “Property owners want to make a profit at the expense of starters. And it looks like they won the fight. “

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