Coronia crisis hits undocumented migrants hard: ‘Some people don’t have money for food’


Some of the 40,000 to 75,000 undocumented migrants in the Netherlands are in such financial difficulties because of the corona crisis, that they no longer have any money to buy food. Corona canceled work, often as domestic help.

The so-called undocumented people now depend on charities and their own communities. Papers are required for government support and the food bank.

According to the FNV, some 220,000 households in the Netherlands use household help without a residence permit. “These people are very important to society. They took over the work at home for corona, such as cleaning or babysitting, so that people could go to work,” says Herrie Hoogenboom of FNV Migrant Domestic Workers. “And now that that work doesn’t always go on, some don’t even have money for food.”

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment says it is unable to support undocumented people, who sometimes also work as odd jobs or in garden maintenance, because government aid is intended for people who pay tax.

Social role

Filipino cleaner Jack has just survived the past two months: “Part of my work has been canceled, my savings have run out. Normally I also sent money to my family, that is absolutely impossible. And because I don’t have a bank account and so cannot have a debit card, the ‘only debit card’ measure was very annoying for me. “

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