Coronavirus shaped hailstones: Corona descends from the sky: a phenomenon seen in Mexico – mexico city witnesses hailstones shaped like coronavirus


The world is in the grip of coronavirus. Many people are getting treatment for coronavirus. Many lives were lost due to corona. We have seen, through social media, that coronavirus-shaped helmets and vehicles have been unveiled as part of the campaign to raise awareness and awareness of coronavirus in the West. But now coronavirus-shaped hail is going viral. Many people tweet pictures of hail in the form of fallen corona virus along with rainfall in nature.

Have you ever seen a trans woman give birth?While many claim that these images are true and fake, it is spreading widely in the media. The incident happened in Mexico. According to the Nietzscheans, this phenomenon occurred in the city of Montemorelos in Mexico. The spherical hail is filled with water particles that look like spines. But weather forecasters say there is nothing to fear behind this hail year. Anyway, many people have taken up the film.

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