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53-year-old youth from Wayanad dies They were treated at the Kozhikode Medical College. She was admitted to the Medical College Hospital four days ago.

The number of Covid casualties in Kerala is rising rapidly. Covid has confirmed 207 people in the last one week in Kerala. This includes ten health workers. The inability to find a cure for six of the patients is also a cause for concern. In the past two days alone, 104 people have been confirmed by Covid in the state. The number of patients is likely to increase further. In the third phase, which began on May 8, 128 people from other states, 124 from abroad and 39 from contacts were diagnosed with the disease.

14-day quarantine mandatory for those returning from abroad

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, mandatory 14-day quarantine for all foreigners visiting India The seven-day Institutional Quarantine and the Seven-Day Home Quarantine Encounter are 14 days to be completed. However, those with serious illnesses, those who have returned home after the death of their family, children under 10 years of age, and pregnant women will be allowed to stay in the home quarantine for 14 days, excluding the institutional quarantine.

During this period, the Health Setup App must be installed on the phone. In addition to aircraft and ships, the terms apply to those who arrive by land.

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The number of Covid cases in the country has crossed one lakh

The number of Covid cases in the country has crossed one lakh. As of Sunday, there were 1,31,868 Covid cases in India. Kovid’s death toll rises to 3,867 There are currently 73,560 patients undergoing treatment. India currently ranks 11th in the number of Covid casualties. The number of sufferers will continue to rise in the coming days, the health ministry said.

The top ten states with the highest number of cases are infected

സംസ്ഥാനം       ആകെ         പുതിയത്   രോഗമുക്തർ മരണം
മഹാരാഷ്ട്ര      47,190          2,608       13,404      1,577
തമിഴ് നാട്      15,512          759     7,491       103
ഗുജറാത്ത്       13,669          396     6,169       829
ഡൽഹി        12,910          591     6,267       231
രാജസ്ഥാൻ        6,629           248     3,681       160
മദ്ധ്യപ്രദേശ്       6,371           201     3,267       281
ഉത്തർ പ്രദേശ്       6,017           282     3,406       155
പശ്ചിമ ബംഗാൾ    3,459           127     1,281       269
ആന്ധ്ര പ്രദേശ്      2,561           47      1,778       56
ബിഹാർ       2394            228     629     11

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Coronavirus number crosses lakhs in India

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