Coronavirus: Compensation for stickers for the blue and green zone in Sofia – yes, for public transport cards


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The stickers for the blue and green zones, which could not be used during the state of emergency – because there was no blue and green zone – will be extended by two months. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor for Transport of Sofia Christian Krastev.

The blue and green zones are part of our lives, Krastev told BNT.

From today, May 18, everyone traveling by public transport in Sofia must pick up a ticket and / or card. For all without a “regular travel document …

When asked if there would be a similar thing for public transport tickets, the answer was – public transport has not been stopped. Krastev explained that money is needed for the development and maintenance of this transport. From his answer it became clear that if you are without a mask in public transport, the control actually falls to the police! What is the fine if you are without a mask – remember HERE!
                            The subway should start in August, at least according to the last promise from “Metropolitan”, Krastev explained. He added that there are still tests underground.
The deputy mayor also pointed out that the bike lane at the National Palace of Culture will be removed from the roadway and will not remain on the sidewalk, as it is now. He stressed that there will be new parking spaces throughout the capital. There will also be an extension of the green zone in Ivan Vazov.

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