coronavirus brazil: Latin America behind America; Researchers say the virus caught the virus before it was discovered – a new case of coronavirus after a new epicentre


Sao Paulo: Latin America is the next hotbed of coronavirus in Europe and America after China. Covid-19 proliferation is declining in almost all countries of Europe. In Italy, Spain and France, where the epidemic is at its worst, the number of new cases is declining for weeks. Meanwhile, the number of casualties and deaths in Latin America is rising.

52 lakh patients

Worldwide, the number of Kovid-19 cases has reached 52 lakh. More than 3.35 lakh lives were lost. The United States has the highest number of sufferers and deaths. More than 16 million people are diagnosed with the disease in the United States. The death toll has reached 96,000. More than two million people have contracted the disease worldwide. Half a million people are still in critical condition. More than 27.85 lakh people are under treatment.

3 lakh patients in Brazil

The number of people infected in Brazil crosses three lakh. So far, Kovid has confirmed 310921 people. Brazil is now the third country in the world to cross the three lakh population. Russia crossed the three lakhs after the US. There are 326448 infected persons in Russia. Brazil reported 20082 deaths. In the United States, 96363 people died. Only 3249 deaths have been reported in Russia. In Brazil, 125960 people were cured. There are 164879 people undergoing treatment. Of these 8318 people, the condition is serious.

The virus came out in January?

It’s been more than two months since the first Kovid-19 case was reported in Latin America. The first coronavirus outbreak in Latin America was discovered on February 26 in Brazil. Researchers say the Kovid outbreak had begun in Brazil long before that. Researchers suggest that the coronavirus spread in January, and that it is too late to detect it. They say the situation has reached such a critical level that it has spread unrecognized.

Spread across Latin America

Despite the spread of Covid in Europe, America and Asia, Latin America did not arrive. Infections, including those in Brazil and Argentina, were reported in late February, but the situation worsened in late April. More than 600,000 people were infected throughout Latin America. The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 300,000 people died. Half of the affected people are in Brazil. Brazil accounts for one-third of all deaths. The disease has spread rapidly in Brazil and other countries. Brazil, like other countries, did not take preventive measures.

Mexico followed Brazil

Brazil and Mexico are the most populous countries in Latin America. It is in these countries that Kovid has become entangled. Mexico has more than 6,000 deaths, while Mexico has 20000. According to health experts, there is an increasing number of unreported deaths and cases in these countries. The situation in Mexico has worsened in the United States as a result of illness. There is less risk of being diagnosed with the disease, including in areas under the control of the drug mafia. In Mexico, more than 59,000 people are infected.

Peru crosses one lakh

Peru is the Latin American country where the spread of kojid has increased, in addition to Brazil and Mexico. In Peru, the number of cases is more than 100,000. Peru is the 12th most populous city in the world. There are more than one million patients in 12 countries. In Peru, 3148 people have died so far. 43587 people have got sick. There are 62034 patients undergoing treatment. Of these, only 886 were reported to be critical.

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