‘Corona’s change’; The one who survived the illness by sharing shocking photos …


Many of us have different ideas about the epidemic of the corona virus. Most people look at it as death is not a serious disease, as death cannot be confirmed. At the same time, the information shared by health workers who have recovered from their illness and who have cared for the sick is very worrying.

They say that Kovid 19 affects every patient in many ways, and sometimes it takes people months or even years to get back to normal. A photo that seems to be making all these arguments right now is gaining widespread attention on Instagram.

Mike Schultz, a mail nurse from San Francisco, shared his picture on social media before and after his illness. Mike, who is also a fitness lover, weighed 86 kg before he was caught. Forty-three-year-old Mike was in perfect health.

Mike was infected with the Kovid virus after attending a party at a beach in Miami before the lockdown restrictions came into effect in March. It was later discovered that many of those who attended the party were infected.

Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, Mike’s condition began to deteriorate. He lay in bed for several days without consciousness. The breathing was done with the help of a ventilator. Only later does he realize that he has been in the hospital for several days only when he is unconscious. Mike has been battling the disease for six weeks.

Mike’s weight has dropped 20 kilos since then. It is now reaching 63 kg. Mike says he cried when he first saw himself in the mirror. However, Mike does not hide the fact that life is back.

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Mike says he has undergone major changes in the ‘capacity’ of his lungs with the disease. Mike says his lungs were troubled by a severe pneumonia. Mike says he couldn’t even stand up to take this photo that is now viral and still feels so tired.

‘There are so many people who continue to prejudice that Kovid 19 will not affect them. That is a misconception. It can come from anyone. Whether you are young or old, this is not a criteria. There is no telling how it will change you once the disease has arrived. I want to show my case as an example, ” says Mike.

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