Corona news: RIVM reports twenty new corona deaths, FNV opens corona hotline for catering


The Grote Markt in Breda. Many catering establishments will open their doors again from Monday.

The latest figures from RIVM show on Saturday that 5,951 people in the Netherlands have died from the coronavirus, an increase of twenty deaths. In this live blog we will keep you informed on Saturday with the latest news about the corona crisis.

The main facts at a glance:

  • The number of deaths in the Netherlands last week was lower than usual for the time of year.
  • The death toll from the virus has increased by twenty deaths
  • The number of corona patients in hospitals in Brabant is 93, 25 of whom are in intensive care.
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The cultural sector started a week-long demonstration on the Internet on Saturday morning. With Culture in Action, the sector draws attention to “more financial support from politics and awareness that culture is not leisure time, but of vital importance”. A counter keeps track of how many people with their supporters are protesting digitally. The score on Saturday evening around eight o’clock was more than forty thousand.

Due to the corona crisis, many musicians, filmmakers and actors are missing out on income. The sector finds that there is hardly any financial support from the government.

Society needs culture now and then. That said deputy Wil van Pinxteren (Culture, Leisure and Sport) on Saturday during a meeting of culture minister Ingrid van Engelshoven with stakeholders from the Brabant performing arts sector. The minister spoke to them about the consequences of the corona crisis.

“I am aware of all the cultural developments that have taken place in Brabant, there is a lot here, I see an incredible amount of passion and commitment,” said Van Pinxteren, who first made his appearance as a member of the Provincial Executive. “Culture is the cement of society, and I see that it threatens to disappear.”

At the Faizul mosque on Loosduinseweg in The Hague, at least 21 members of the religious community have been infected with the corona virus, according to insiders. As a result, a leading member (77) died earlier this week. Some members of the religious community, who are concerned about health and safety, have called on the municipality of The Hague to close the mosque, Omroep West reports.

The Brabant-Zuidoost Safety Region will probably decide on Tuesday whether the Van Rooi Meat slaughterhouse in Helmond can open again or should remain closed for longer. The slaughterhouse was closed on the night from Thursday to Friday after employees were tested positive for the corona virus again.

The extraordinary investigating officers (boas) have moved their national protest to next Wednesday. The action was supposed to take place on Monday, but the unions said they wanted to shift the protest on Friday. Boas take action because they want to have protective equipment such as batons and / or pepper spray. The action includes the fact that no coupons will be issued in the four major cities.

The police detained over twenty 37 protesters in The Hague on Saturday who protested against the corona measures. A maximum of thirty people were allowed in the demonstration. A group of more than eighty people nevertheless tried to participate in the demonstration. The activists had to separate from the police, but they remained in groups near the Central Station.

The number of corona deaths in the Netherlands has increased by twenty, according to figures from the RIVM. 28 new deaths were reported on Friday. In total, 5,951 people in our country have now died of the virus. The actual death toll is higher, because not everyone who has died from the virus has been tested.

In Brabant, 24 new infections were added. On Friday there were 23. At 9130 people from Brabant the virus has been diagnosed so far, here too the actual number of infections is higher.

According to the RIVM figures, no new corona patients have been admitted to hospitals in Brabant. So far, 2757 people in our province have been admitted with corona.

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Not everyone who wants to cross the border with Belgium to visit family will be checked. That says a spokesman for the Belgian minister Pieter de Crem of the Interior. Since Saturday, the border on both sides has been open again for family visits. “You can still be stopped by the police and asked about the reason. But really that static control, that is moving more and more to a more normal situation with mobile controls,” said the spokesman.

It may therefore also be the case that at some border crossings no checks are carried out at all. Citizens’ “responsibility and citizenship” is being called on, said the spokesman for border controls. This applies to both Dutch people who visit family in Belgium and Belgians who cross the Dutch border for this.

Much capacity to test people with symptoms for corona has remained unused in recent months. In recent weeks, only between 10 and 70 percent of the available capacity has been used at various hospitals, RTL Nieuws reports. Experts say they don’t understand why only a small selected group were eligible for a corona test.

During a giveaway of potatoes by farmer Erik van der Heijden in Dinteloord, Saturday was very busy on the roads in the area. The potato farmer is giving away 1.4 million kilos of spuds that are shedding in his warehouse. This is due to the “unfairly low” potato price, says Erik. According to the farmer, the price has fallen even further due to the corona crisis.

In a letter to Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs, the Romanian government has expressed concerns about the corona infections that were recently discovered in slaughterhouses in our country. That reports the NOS. Many Romanian labor migrants work in the slaughterhouses. On Friday, the Helmond meat worker Van Rooi Meat was temporarily closed because of infections with the virus.

The FNV Horeca union opened a hotline on Saturday where catering staff can share their experiences and complaints about their working conditions in the catering industry from next Monday. Many catering establishments open their doors again at noon that day. Things had to close because of the corona virus.

The FNV keeps an eye on whether employees think they can do their work safely and healthily. The union also provides tips on working safely on the site.

The Máxima Medical Center (MMC) in Veldhoven uses tablets to combat the scarcity of protective clothing at the Emergency Room. Doctors use it for patients suspected of being infected with the coronavirus. On busy days, they save nearly half of protection sets, according to a hospital survey.

Whether it is a café, a greengrocer, a butcher, an insurance office or a library, the one and a half meter rule is guarded by Tim and Amber, two large cardboard dolls with a radiant smile. Tim and Amber, an engaged couple from Dongen, modeled for it. Their cardboard twin brother and sister may soon also be on display in Germany, because there is also interest there.

Not on the street or the Malieveld, but via the internet the cultural sector will demonstrate next week. With Culture in Action, the sector draws attention to “more financial support from politics and awareness that culture is not leisure time, but of vital importance”. The promotion will start at ten o’clock this morning, via a live stream on the website

Due to the corona crisis, many musicians, filmmakers and actors are missing out on income.

The three GGDs in Brabant are ready. From 1 June, anyone with complaints that fit the coronavirus must be able to be tested. Test capacity has been increased throughout Brabant. In total, 2150 people can be tested per day in our province.

No clinking beer mugs or full wine glasses on Monday in café De Drie Weesgegroetjes in Roosendaal. While catering entrepreneurs across the country are on the starting blocks to be allowed to open again on Whit Monday, co-owner Haroun Hijman is keeping the door closed for the time being. It is simply not profitable for the catering entrepreneur to open the tap in the small café for a handful of guests. “It’s just not going now.”

Due to the bleak prospects in the corona era, the professional tennis players have to rely on demonstration tournaments. The Vught coach Peter Lucassen, who works in the United States, organizes ‘corona proof’ tournaments for American top tennis players within their own borders. On the clay court in the garden of the house where he has lived for years, in Los Angeles. With ‘names’ like Sam Querrey. The games were broadcast via various tennis
related websites and social media.

Summer vacation is coming, but not all Dutch people take their usual number of vacation days due to the corona crisis. A tour of the NOS shows that companies deal differently with the vacation days of their staff. Some companies fear employees who save their days until a holiday abroad is possible again, others, due to increasing crowds, will need their staff in the coming months.

Many people are free this Pentecost weekend and the weather will be nice. The municipality of Goirle fears that many people will move to the Oostplas, for example. “Take into account the corona measures, avoid crowds and keep a meter and a half apart,” the municipality warns. “Do you see that it is busy, turn around! If it gets too busy, we will close the access roads. Hold on, only together will we control corona.”

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The online church services broadcast by many churches every Sunday since the outbreak of the corona crisis are popular. The number of viewers and listeners is often much higher than the number of churchgoers in normal times. An interview by Trouw shows that especially Protestant digital celebrations are doing well: seventy percent of the protestant churches that responded indicate that the online celebrations attract more visitors than the regular services did before the crisis.

A large proportion of Dutch corona patients have been treated with the controversial malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, but none have died from their side effects. Mark de Boer, an internist-infectiologist at Leiden University Medical, told the AD.

A group of opponents of the measures against the corona virus wants to demonstrate on Saturday. One of the groups wants to do that at the Koekamp in The Hague, not far from the Malieveld. Another group, which calls itself Yellow Vest United, wants to join the
Argue Hofvijver in The Hague.

Enforcement of corona rules on beaches and in forests and parks should be less strict this summer. A number of virologists are talking to the AD about this. Infections with the coronavirus appear to mainly take place indoors. “I don’t want to say that transfer never takes place outside, but really much less than inside”, says virologist Louis Kroes of the LUMC in Leiden. Although the experts emphasize that a distance of one and a half meters should always be the starting point.

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