Corona news: 23 corona patients died, demonstration against corona measures


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A broad entrepreneurial offensive wants the government to also reimburse the costs of dismissal. Adjustments to the one and a half meter economy lead to reorganisations here and there, in which entrepreneurs are still afraid of being overturned by high severance payments. In this live blog we will keep you informed on Saturday with the latest news about the corona crisis.

The main facts at a glance:

  • The official death toll from the coronavirus in the Netherlands rose by 13 to 5788 on Friday.
  • For the first time in months, fewer people died in the Netherlands last week than is usual at this time of year.
  • We all manage less and less well in the one and a half meter distance, according to research.
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The death toll as a result of infection with the coronavirus in our country has risen by 23 to 5,811, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The actual number of deaths is higher because not everyone is tested. In addition, deaths are sometimes only reported after a few days. Ten new hospital admissions were also counted; the counter is now at 11,659. The number of corona infections detected increased to 45,064. That is 176 more than on Friday.

A demonstration against the intelligent lockdown will be held on 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven. On photos you can see how a few activists stand in a specially created box. About thirty people are now protesting, our reporter reports.

Protest against corona measures (photo: Sem van Rijssel / SQ Vision).
Protest against corona measures (photo: Sem van Rijssel / SQ Vision).

More than a third of Dutch people also want to use public transport less often after the corona crisis. The bicycle or e-bike is mentioned as an alternative by 27 percent, the car by 17 percent. The ANWB thinks it is a good plan if people start cycling or walking more often. The ANWB believes that public space, including the cycle paths, should then be better equipped for, for example, electric bicycles faster. Small electric vehicles that replace the car also need to be introduced and approved more quickly.

In total there are now 106 people with COVID-19 in the hospitals in Brabant. Of these, 35 are in the various intensive care units,

In Brabant hospitals there are also 83 people with corona-like complaints, for whom the virus has not (yet) been officially diagnosed. four of them are on an IC.

According to the ROAZ, ten to twenty percent of those patients later appear to be infected with the virus. ROAZ spokesman Wim Pleunis indicates that there is ‘hardly any movement’ compared to a day earlier. Then there were 107 people with the coronavirus in hospitals, 36 of which were on the ICUs. “The trend is: very slow down. There is every reason to stay alert.”

Seven well-known people from the sports world – including former PSV coach Guus Hiddink and former volleyball player Bas van de Goor from Oss – are calling on Saturday in a nationwide advertisement to make work of a vital society, with a crucial role for sport. and move. They see the corona crisis as an alarm bell. People with less vitality and resilience are the most vulnerable at this time.

Two new corona patients have been admitted to the Amphia Hospital in Breda in the past 24 hours. In total there are now fourteen people with corona infection. Five of them are in intensive care. Since the start of the corona outbreak in the Netherlands, 102 people have died in the Amphia from the consequences of the virus. No corona patients have been discharged from the hospital in the past 24 hours.

The cabinet has severely disappointed unions FNV, CNV and VCP this week by not including the dismissal fine in the new support package for entrepreneurs. The blow is so hard for the trade union movement that it puts pressure on a completely different file: the elaboration of the new pension system. That is what two initiates say to Trouw.

A broad entrepreneurial offensive wants the government to also reimburse the costs of dismissal. MKB-Nederland says it is in discussion with the cabinet about a broader plan for, among other things, the transition allowance for sectors in need, reports De Telegraaf. Adjustments to the one and a half meter economy lead to reorganisations here and there, in which entrepreneurs fear that they will still be overturned by high severance payments.

Nobody knows who will pay for the two emergency hospitals that were hastily built up in Rotterdam’s Ahoy and Maastricht’s MECC due to the corona virus. The construction of the emergency hospitals was not supported by the other healthcare institutions in the regions, which is why the health insurers say they do not pay for it. This is evident from an investigation by the Investico Journalism Investigative Platform.

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