Corona; JN Pandey, a senior doctor at AIIMS, has died


New Delhi: A doctor has died after contracting coronavirus in Delhi. The deceased is JN Pandey, a senior doctor at All India Medical Science (AIIMS) Hospital. He was 78 years old. The death occurred this evening as the state of health deteriorated.

An AIIMS worker died of coronavirus last night. The death of Pandey, one of the most experienced doctors in the AIIMS, is the reason behind this.

Pandey was rushed to the hospital a few days ago due to coronary symptoms. Subsequent sap examination confirmed the disease. Pandey, who was in critical condition, was admitted to the ICU. But he was dying this evening.

Dr Pandey dies following coronavirus infection Music Reddy announced on Twitter. JN Panda was the Director and Professor of the Department of Pulmonology at the Premier Hospital, Delhi, which treats coronaviruses.

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