Corona is not caught; Drugs against malaria reported to be alarming


Houston ∙ Kovid 19 is reported to be jumping unstoppable in the US. With the rise of new cases, the number of people infected has reached 16 lakh. Death toll rose to 96,527. Eighteen thousand are in critical condition. In New York and New Jersey, the spread of the virus has spread to other states. Which drug to use to stop Covidine is a serious problem. When President Donald Trump called for the use of anti-malaria drugs, it was reported that this was extremely harmful.

A new study reveals that malaria drugs, hydroxy chloroquine and chloroquine, which were promoted by President Donald Trump, did not help or harm coronavirus patients. A study published in The Lancet found that people who took the drug were more likely to have an abnormal heartbeat. They were also more likely to die. These drugs are mostly imported from India. It is still tied up in federal warehouses. It is the dispute that led to the inactivation of the Corona Task Force. It was then that the slow-moving virus spread again.

Trump said he was taking hydroxychloroquine in hopes of preventing the virus. Last month, the Food and Drug Administration issued a safety warning about its use. Subsequently, many hospitals have administered this drug to patients with viral disease after conducting clinical trials. It is now being investigated whether many people had heart problems after taking this medicine. Health experts are also concerned that the president has promoted the drug significantly. He also revealed that he was taking this medicine daily.

The present study is based on data from 96,032 coronavirus patients from 671 hospitals worldwide. Prior to these observational studies, no conclusive evidence was available regarding drug safety and efficacy. That is what the medical industry is criticizing, which has led to a more epidemic crisis in the country. Medical experts have also been critical of Trump’s promotion of the drug.

Meanwhile, there are many clinical trials around the world against coronavirus. Researchers found that 28 days after vaccine injection, immunosuppression was increased and covalently inhibited. The new corona vaccine is considered the best long-term solution to end the pandemic and reopen the country. More than 100 teams around the world are testing different vaccines. The vaccine being developed in the country has been found to be more effective. The vaccine-developing company Modena announced on Monday that the RNA vaccine is safe and effective based on results from eight people. However, it remains to be seen how effective this vaccination will be. Healthcare is investigating whether it can be used by adults and infants alike. The problem is that many people still refuse to take the vaccine against the American flu when it comes to prescribing the dose.

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there is no guarantee the vaccine will be effective. Vaccine coverage for pediatric vaccinations in Michigan is less than 50 percent. New York City also announced that the number of vaccine doses given to children during the six-week period of the pandemic lockdown fell by 63 percent over the same period last year. It is these figures that have impeded the use of Covid Vac.

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