Corona figures as of May 30: least hospital admissions in almost three months



The number of patients in intensive care is reported daily by the National Patient Distribution Coordination Center (LCPS) in Rotterdam.

The number of hospital admissions is reported daily by RIVM. Today’s figure is the total number of people newly hospitalized. Some of them have been hospitalized before, but those admissions were only passed on to the RIVM today or yesterday.

The figure for the number of deaths also comes from RIVM. Some of the reported deaths have died before, but have only been reported to RIVM in the past 24 hours. People who are suspected to have died from the coronavirus, but have not been tested, do not appear in the numbers.

This often applies to patients who have died at home, but also to people who have received confirmation of the virus by means of a CT scan in the hospital. Only laboratory tested persons who die appear in the statistics. The total number of deaths will therefore be much higher.

RIVM also counts only those who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Statistics Netherlands publishes weekly figures that give an impression of the possible number of ‘hidden’ corona deaths. At the height of the crisis, at the beginning of April, it appeared that the ‘excess mortality’ was probably twice the official death toll of RIVM. In the following weeks, that difference narrowed.

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