Corona-confirmed incident to hospital attendee Kasargod in concern


Kasargod: A resident of Kasargod, who was admitted to the Kasaragod hospital with serious head injuries, is concerned about coronation. Officials at Kasaragod General Hospital, Payyannur Hospital and Government Medical College, Kannur, who treated him, advised him to go to Quarantine for seven days.

Relatives say he has not gone abroad or made contact with patients. A 43-year-old man from Kasaragod was rushed to Government Medical College, Kannur after he collapsed on his head and fell down with two vertebrae in his neck. He was in critical condition with paralysis of his hands and feet and underwent emergency surgery and performed tests.

The coroner also inspected all patients undergoing surgery because of the fact that he was from Kasargod. He was diagnosed with coronavirus last week.

He had not traveled abroad, nor had he come in contact with foreigners, which had shocked his relatives, natives and health workers. Now they are in a state of panic, including hospitalists and inspectors. More than 40 people, including his caretakers, have been collected for sap tests.

He suffered a serious spinal cord injury and is in critical condition on a ventilator. If surgery is required, the necessary preventive precautions are to be taken. His contact list is being prepared by the Community Medical Community of Government Medical College, Kannur.

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